The Mugello land, which has lived for centuries in the shade of Florence is to be found astride the watershed of the Apennines.
It is a Tuscan land, rich of history and artistic evidence and above all it is a land of different surroundings from the rugged beauty of the valleys of the Upper Mugello or Tuscany Romagna – rugged and little populated – to the sweet lines of the open basin dotted by the Mugello villages.
It is an Apennine land, beautiful and deep, with ridges covered by a great number of beech, chestnut and oak woods; semi-innate valleys cultivated as a harmonious patchwork, crossed by the Sieve river, which seems to take life from the big artificial Bilancino lake.
The Medici family who was native of this land had palaces, castles and convents built here. In the villa of Cafaggiolo, Lorenzo Magnifico escaped from the “res pubblica” to take refuge in the tranquillity of the fields. He heard the call of nature and of the land and here he played, celebrated and rediscovered the joy, beauty and life.

Trekking near Florence Tuscany: tours in Mugello

Faggeta - Monte FaitoThe still pure environment of “Le Isole” invites you to fascinating trekking itineraries. We created a network of trails from easy to difficult, laid out to let you discover the ancient villages on the mountain top and valley. Beautiful sights await the walker along the trekking rings, which cross the Mugello ridges and valley, with its springs, waterfalls, archeological remains, and a stop at the CAI and Comunità Montana Points is always a pleasant rest.

Chestnut-trees, beech-trees, fir-trees, pine-trees… The nature-lover will relish the rich Flora and Fauna, with common sightings of countless species of birds, the fallow and roe deer, wild boar and little foxes.

Farm-Holiday and Trekking is the perfect combination for wellness, for spending an unforgettable vacation which will rest your body and mind.

Enduro Motorcycle

1We can offer a good opportunity to enduro motorcycle enthusiasts. A ‘unique opportunity to spend a short vacation, a weekend or even simply an adventure day riding his bike along our routes Apennine, visiting and discovering places immersed in the hills and Tuscan hills, sometimes inaccessible and unknown, but full of charm and characteristic of our territory.

In collaboration with some of our friends and fans of motorcycle enduro practitioners, we offer an excursion led and accompanied “traveling for miles and miles along the ridge dell’appennino Tosco-Emiliano, reaching the steps most famous and historically destination all the fans motorcyclists. You ask, of course, to have half an appropriate and suitable, we think the rest of us!

Our friends fans are part of an expert group motoenduristi of Prato, who for years engaged in this discipline with such passion and satisfaction.

Mountain Bike

DSC02545To anyone more or less interested in this sport, or to just beginners, our warm WELCOME at “Le Isole”! Farm Holiday and Mountain bike is an ideal solution for an open-air vacation, rich of adventure, discovering with your friends new itineraries in uncontaminated landscape, and more else. Here in Mugello we can help you to make this wish come true! We have a network of 9 MTB itineraries, all well signed, for which we can provide brochures with all detailed information, also in English. You can run simple itineraries along tourist attractions ( Medici’s Castles Tour, Parks), retrace ancient road systems from the Etrusco-Roman and Medieval period, or test yourself in a race against time! At “Le Isole” we have a dedicated area for keeping, cleaning and storage of Mountain Bikes, with dressing room and several bikes for rental. You can enjoy a different trail each day of your stay, or just bike in the morning and relax in the afternoon.


Golg2Now, both can be enjoyed at the acclaimed Poggio dei Medici Golf and Country Club , set in the heart of the beautiful Mugello region , and home of the Ladies Italian Open from 1999 to 2003

The Course, designed by Italian architect Alvise Rossi Fioravanti and by professional player Baldovino Dassù , allows for four different playing routes within its 18 holes . As you play this fascinating course, you can also appreciate the typical Tuscan scenery , viewed from a vantage point near Scarperia . You will find yourself on a world-class Golf Course deep in the countryside, only a few kilometres from Florence.

Poggio dei Medici Golf and Country Club offers a championship course and 16th century Club House , all within easy reach from international airports of Florence, Bologna and Pisa.

The Residence Le Isole is just 10 Km away from Medici Golf and Country Club. Contact us, our staff will reply soon as possible.

Wine Tasting

Podere Fortuna is situated 25 kilometers north of Florence in the heart of Tuscany among the beautiful hills of the Mugello valley. This part of the region  forms a large natural amphitheater between the Sieve river and the foot of the Apennines that mark the border between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. The property extends to 31 hectares and 6 are dedicated to the vineyard. Here we produce mainly Pinot Noir, which is the main grape variety for the great red wines from Burgundy and is regarded as one of the world’s noblest but challenging of grape varieties.

We take care of the vineyards following an environmentally friendly way with the goal to have perfect grapes every years but with a long term view. We believe that the great care of the vineyards is essential when working with so challenging vines and is the only way to maintain the finest quality of wines in different vintages.