Trekking near Florence Tuscany: tours in Mugello

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Trekking near Florence Tuscany: tours in Mugello
The still pure environment of “Le Isole” invites you to fascinating trekking itineraries. We created a network of trails from easy to difficult, laid out to let you discover the ancient villages on the mountain top and valley. Beautiful sights await the walker along the trekking rings, which cross the Mugello ridges and valley, with its springs, waterfalls, archeological remains, and a stop at the CAI and Comunità Montana Points is always a pleasant rest.
Chestnut-trees, beech-trees, fir-trees, pine-trees … The nature-lover will relish the rich Flora and Fauna, with common sightings of countless species of birds, the fallow and roe deer, wild boar and little foxes.
Farm-Holiday and Trekking is the perfect combination for wellness, for spending an unforgettable vacation which will rest your body and mind.

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Trekking tours in Florence Tuscany

The geographical location of Le Isole apartments gives you the possibility to discover a lot of trekking tours in Mugello near Florence Tuscany
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